The "Fellas" Weekend - Sans Dave Lang

Good morning Evan! Rise and shine at 5:40am last Friday morning [Oct. 20] for the beginning of our annual "fellas" bonding fest. Most of the pictures are not allowed to be shown for fear that children or small marsupials would be frightened by such displays of 30+ yr olds hapless bouts of nostalgic story telling, playing video games, and pulling hamstrings while trying to relive one's 20s for the weekend. It was well... awesome as you can see.

Evan decided to WOW us with his latest skills in using email. Westy [wearing his yellow-my-wife-doesn't-like-this-shirt as an act of freedom], shows off his passion for xbox 360. Go Chris - dominate for us.

Can you just SENSE the excitement and the fun all over the place!? Look at Father Alex... tearing it up - way to go FUNNY guy.

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