I am going to be an UNCLE!

Check it out - see my Dad react LIVE on video!


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Drea's Psychobabble said...

hey there Erin,

CONGRATS to "Uncle" Erin and "Auntie" Joy. How cool for you!
Hey Erin, do you remember a girl from Mariners church named Shiloh? We are on Youth Staff together at FOPC (Fair Oaks Pres Church). She said she lived in Costa Mesa, and I instantly asked her if she knew you and Joy. She got sooo happy when she found out we are related and really thinks highly of you.
Okay, and get this, our youth pastor went to Monta Vista HS with Jason and Alison and graduated in 91 with Jason.Plus, he thinks he knows someone at PCC. SMALL WORLD!!!!!!! They are all on my myspace pg if you wanna check it out.
Oh and one other thing...CHIPOTLE ROCKS!!!!!!!!