Good Times

Had a great and relaxing weekend with my Joy, who has decided to make our home more domestic with sweet details and slight furniture rearrangements. We had the Kovacs wedding that I officiated on Saturday night at Meeshee's former place of business, the Surf & Sand in Laguna Beach. Awesome weather and very cool dinner. We got to reconnect with the Newlywed Schulte's and found out that they psychotically went down ski slopes in Whistler on Mountain Bikes! All I could think about was the Vorbaus [friends Alex and Kristin] "raspberries" from a spill on their honeymoon in Greece... thankfully, the Schulte's rode their brakes all the way down the mountain and no injuries to report.

To wrap up the weekend, we celebrated Kurian's 26th birthday by gathering at his favorite place in the world - the beach [Corona Del Mar]. Actually, he hates the beach but for some reason, we forced him to hang out there. We played beach bocce, ate smores, shared affirmations for the lil guy. The Irons', the Sogos, Meesh, Whit, Kristin, Huy.... a whole slew of college students and many others came to cheer on another year in the life of the infamous and tireless Kurian. Here is a group pict [thanks Sean] that sorta came out.

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The GTEAM said...

RWC has officially opened a Chipolte. So when you come in August you have even more reason to visit the new down town rwc!

tony :)