Autumn's 3rd Birthday Bake Shop

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet Autumn Elizabeth! We can't believe that 3 full years have passed since we welcomed you with love, kisses and cuddles into our arms. How can it be?? Your love for so many things girlie (i.e. princesses, tea parties, dress up and sweets) was the inspiration for this birthday bake shop theme. I had so much fun planning from the homemade decor to the ruffle-sewn aprons, old-fashioned mini rolling pins and cupcakes galore! My dear friend Tawnia offered to host the bake shop in her backyard and of course I had help from my family who helped me set up as well as photograph the details. Here are some of the best shots from the day!

All grown up!

Thanks to my dear friend and fabulous pastry chef, Lena, for Autumn's birthday cake. Beautiful, delicate, dainty and pink. Absolutely amazing!

Cupcakes ready to decorate!

My homemade birthday banner on display for the first time!

Little rolling pins and aprons homemade for each little baker.

Tissue pom-poms. I watched a tutorial online and spent some quality time with my mother-in-love (who really taught me how to make them!)

Daddy's "crafty" contribution!

Lovely Marin, pretty in her purple apron, took her time on her cupcake!

Pin the cherry on the cupcake!

"Happy Birthday to You!"

The girls had so much fun at the decoration table...most helping themselves freely to the sprinkles and frosting without even worrying about the cake!

Mini-cake bunting

"Ode to being 3" for our sweet Autumn....hand-painted canvas I made with words and phrases that best describe this season of life. Hoping to hang it in her room....

What a very special party and so very blessed for all the help and family who made it happen!
Happy Birthday Lovebug!