Mom of the Day

So I think I am officially deserving of the title "Mom of the Day"...
Let me give you a recap:
7:00-8:00am Saturday, August 1
Daddy is on a leisurely bike ride at the butt crack of dawn :) Mom on the scene...
Autumn wakes up....not in the best of moods, rather cranky I might say,
Nursing period, diaper change.
Persisting diaper rash that flares its ugly head on a REGULAR basis,
Requires exposure to air, hanging out naked and special concoction of shea butter and coconut oil.
Bath time, happy demeanor, clean butt, yay!
Time to play naked for a short time while mommy hangs out and QUICKLY rests her eyes ;)
Autumn begins to grunt while standing up against bookshelf,
Mommy opens eyes just in time to see Autumn going poo-poo...AHHH!
Sheet saver mat grabbed swiftly, not swiftly enough, poop falls to carpet...shifting foot smooshes it down!
Screaming ensues while mommy tries to catch remaining bowel movement...poop remains cover Autumn's foot
Mommy moves Autumn to bath towel while she cleans up,
She turns back only to discover baby has now peed all over towel, GREAT!
Crying, Screaming, Tears....don't stop.
"Let's get the diaper on now" mommy says, but FIRST the diaper rash concoction.
Wiggling, squirming, flailing arms..."Dear God, please help me!"
One loose hand grabs liquid coconut oil...SPLASH! Oil quickly seeps into carpet
Mommy trying to remain under control, trying to secure the diaper on Autumn's body.
Now to all the clean up...who cares about putting her clothes on!
It's time for breakfast
Crying continues, rather emotional I'm deducting.
Place Autumn in high chair...FINALLY a happy face!! Food! "I love to eat!"
Front door opens, daddy is back.
Autumn smiles.....
Mommy breathes a sigh of relief! Now off to shower...
Friend's wedding in 60 minutes,
Don't think we'll make it.

*I guess this is just a typical day for a mama!