The Crowning of "Ferris"

Thanks to Von Ebers/Huy Do...
Mike has finally been appropriately described as The "Ferris Bueller" of Christendom.

Just ask the golf caddies of Lagos, Nigeria, to the regulars in the taverns of Scotland, the professor's who reside in the bowels of Wycliffe hall at Oxford, the envious onlookers of Barrel Man days at CU, the Frito Lay janitorial staff, the congregants who sat next to Disco Guy at Mariners Church, the participants of the Sunday Night "dance offs" after systematic theology and spaghetti, the victims of his many wiffle ball tournaments, the throngs of college students who were riveted by his "trampoline" illustration, the aspiring Alex English wannabes from Court of Purg... and so many more... they would all agree that Mike "Ferris" Mcfadden truly is Ferris, incarnate.

You can verify these adventures and more at www.mcfaddenplace.com. Posted by Picasa


Weekend at Home

Well, we had a great time in Northern California celebrating my Dad's Birthday - we hung out with Tony, Wendy, Momma and even Laney, Jim and Allison... we gave Dad the infamous SCRAPBOOK [thank you to all who contributed!] of his 60 year journey with letters and picts from family and friends. Joy did an amazing job on it. He loved it! He also loved how we rented him his favorite car - a convertible mini-cooper. Check out a brief excerpt of DRIVINWITHDAD.


I am going to be an UNCLE!

Check it out - see my Dad react LIVE on video!



O Brother!


Brothers? Good looking twins? Ryan Seacrest wannabes? All of the above... Matt Lang and myself decided to "match" at my birthday party on Sunday, Aug 6th. Matt - you look good man, you look good. Posted by Picasa


Pop's 60th

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you more than you realize. You have been an awesome man of God all my life - I love how you love Mom, Wendy and I, not to mention Tony, Joy and the rest of your family. You truly are a man of character and quiet integrity. I love you.


"The Goats"... Newport Beach Summer League

[From left to right] Mark "Bread & Butter" Sakkoula, Huy "Happy Asian" Do, Dr. Brent "Z Clinic" Zacharyan, Mike "Bahama" Bair, Erin "Warm Up Sweat" Kerr, Jacob "Brite Molars" Griffith. [Not pictured] Kyle "The Other Dr. Z" Zimmerman, Todd "Beast" Sakkoula and Justin "Foul Em into Hell" Sogoian.